Nutrition is key to restoring health. At the Lydia Center, we begin with an initial assessment of each patient's dietary history and we continue with the setting of specific goals in cooperation with the Physiatrist and Nutritionist.

At the Lydia Rehabilitation Center we recognize and value the key role that diet and nutrition play in the prompt rehabilitation and recovery of our patients, and our nutritional program is designed to meet their required energy and nutrient needs.

The nutritional plan is based on the Mediterranean diet model characterized by a healthy variety and nutrient balance.

Each patient’s nutritional program is individual, depending on the particular nutritional needs, pathogenesis and dietary specificities. Indicatively, we elaborate appropriately and cover the diet of patients presented with diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart disease, kidney failure, people with malnutrition problems, obesity, and patients requiring enteral and parenteral nutrition.

Based on the state of health and progress of our patients, their nutritional program is readapted and redesigned, where necessary. Meals are prepared daily in the modern facilities of our center by experienced staff, choosing with great care fresh and natural seasonal ingredients in order to create a nutritious, tasty result, and to meet the high-level goals and expectations we set.