A Legal Fruit

A Legal Fruit

Once this fruit is awakened, the user has the option to apply space change properties to foreign objects using special ROOMS. These can be held to what they come into contact with and do not require the user to be in the control panel to perform techniques, unlike normal ROOMs. This directly addresses one of the greatest weaknesses of the fruit, namely the stationary nature of its normal range field. [19] Some time before his fight against Big Mom, Law awakened the powers of the fruit. About six months after his brother, Donquijote Rosinante, left the crew with Law to seek a cure for Amber Lead syndrome, Doflamingo learned that the Ope Ope no Mi was being sold to the Marines by a pirate who did not know the true potential of the fruit, and contacted Rosinante to inform him. Doflamingo ordered the two runaways to return to the occupation, and once the crew had stolen this fruit of the transaction, Rosinante had to eat the fruit and use her powers to heal the law. What Doflamingo did not tell his younger brother, however, was that he intended to order Rosinante to apply the multi-year youth operation to him and grant Doflamingo eternal life. Rosinante had already discovered Doflamingo`s tacit intention, and since he was a marine spy who already had the power of the devil`s fruit, he decided to circumvent this transaction himself so that he could give law the fruit and save him from amber lead syndrome. Eventually, Rosinante managed to steal the Ope Ope no Mi and was on his way to Law when his clumsiness caused him to fall off a cliff. He was then attacked by the pirates, from whom he stole the fruits. [3] The Ope Ope no Mi is a paramecium-type devil fruit that gives the ability to manifest a spherical space in which the user can manipulate the orientation, movements and physical configuration of everything and everyone (including himself) in a “surgical” way, making the user a Human of Free Modification (改造自在人間, Kaizō Jizai Ningen?). [4] The fruit was eaten by Trafalgar D. Water Law and force-fed by Donquijote Rosinante.

Before the law, the powers of the fruit were held by a certain famous doctor. [3] In the past, when a particular doctor ate the fruit, the doctor was able to perform miraculous surgeries that saved many lives and cured all sorts of diseases in a way that no ordinary surgeon was able to do. [3] For a scientist, the tomato is a fruit because it has seeds and is edible – like an apple or a lemon. The most obvious disadvantage of the fruit is that the user of the Ope Ope no Mi can only use his powers in a certain spherical area, which he himself must invoke, so that if the target moves out of range, it will not be affected by its forces. It should be noted that when Law creates his SPACE, he remains stationary until Law rejects it and creates another, suggesting that the user may not be able to move the SPACE once it has been created, and that it is impossible to call multiple ROOMS at the same time. While a large enough SPACE is usually difficult to notice, smaller ones can be easily detected, allowing an enemy to recognize it and keep their distance. [20] Smoker also suggested that the intangibility of a logia could provide some degree of protection from the forces of the fruit, as it was seen facing Law head-on as partial smoke without any part of it being spoiled. [17] However, if a Logia user has separated part of it by the power of the law, then that part of them loses the effect of the user`s devil`s fruit; This means that such parts can be damaged without the logia fruit protecting them from damage, like Caesar Monet (a Logia user) killed by stabbing their severed hearts, without the use of Busoshoku Haki or Seastone. In addition, Smoker also strongly suggested that sufficient knowledge of haki may provide some degree of resistance to the effects of the fruit.

In support of Smoker`s claims, Law was unable to break through Doflamingo`s use of Busoshoku Haki, with Doflamingo grabbing the first`s sword and stopping Law`s attack even though he was in Law`s ROOM. [26] The fact that haki is used as a deterrent against the effects of this fruit was proven in the wano land arc, where Law confirmed that he could not move Big Mom or Kaidou because of their much superior Haki. [27] With regard to the medicinal applications of the fruit, a high level of medical knowledge is required to take full advantage of Ope Ope no Mi. [3] As Donquijote Rosinante pointed out, the miraculous applications and premises of the fruit are not inherently divine or in any way omnipotent and always follow the fundamental rules of science and medical logic, although somewhat conditional. As such, the user must be intellectual enough to use his powers if he circumvents, even slightly, these rules to alter the benefit (or at least the preservation) of the recipients by the power of the fruit, so that he can use the Ope Ope to its full medical potential. This means that “patients” run the risk of accidentally dying or being killed if they are improperly altered by a person with lean and dubious abilities as a doctor who happens to be in possession of the power of the fruit. Abogado.com The #1 Spanish Legal Website for Consumers There are two types of fruit; natural fruits and civil fruits. Are you a lawyer? So if people ever start eating tomatoes more like we eat apples, let`s question this law and have the tomato recognized by law for what it is – a fruit! JUSTICE FOR TOMATOES! At FindLaw.com, we are proud to be the leading source of free legal information and resources on the Internet.

Contact us. LawInfo.com Nationalwide Lawyers` Directory and Legal Consumer Resources FindLaw.com Free, Trustworthy Legal Information for Consumers and Lawyers The greatest strength of this fruit, which has earned its reputation as the “ultimate fruit of the devil”, is the ability to give another person eternal youth through the “Perennial Youth Operation” (不老手術, Furō Shujutsu?, “Perpetual Youth Surgery” in the Funimation Subs and Dub, and “Immortality Operation” in the Viz Manga), although the achievement of this feat comes at the expense of the life of the current fruit consumer. Doflamingo sought this fruit so that the Law would fulfill it upon him so that he could conquer the world and perhaps reign it forever. [5] According to Doflamingo, the nobles of the world possess a national treasure, the. In combination with the Ope Ope no Mi, the user would be able to conquer the whole world effectively. [18] If the primary evidence was obtained unlawfully but is admissible except in good faith, their derivatives (or “fruits”) may also be admissible. The fruit can be used to grant eternal youth to another person in exchange for the life of the current user, which Doflamingo originally tried to brainwash Law when he discovered that the child had eaten the fruit. [36] However, Law notes that he has no interest in this particular ability, let alone in his enemy. [5] Ope Ope no Mi is a red heart-shaped fruit that resembles a strawberry and is small enough for a man to hold between his fingers.

It has a stem with a swirling end facing upwards, and as a characteristic of the devil`s natural fruits, its surface is vortex-shaped. [3] Civil fruits are income derived from a thing by operation of law or by virtue of a legal act, such as rents, interest and certain commercial distributions. A major weakness of this fruit is that the use of the fruit`s capabilities depletes the endurance of the user.